4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Along With While Going On Your First Date

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At first it seems little weird when I talk about this, that men should take their dogs with them while going on their first date. Lord saves me, but this is a fact that there are many relevant things which we never want to look out. We all love dogs and most of us think it as an adorable creature. We keep dogs at our homes as family members and we believe that they understand us and we too them.

In case of women, I can say that they really love animals, here I am not saying about cockroaches or toads but certainly they love Dogs and cats very much. Here are some interesting facts you should know about your dog and how it could make your relationships better.

1. Your dog will make your personality, attractive

Suppose you want to go on your first date, with all your best clothing and a lot of anxiety in your mind. When you meet your girl, you catch her attention and you both hang out for some time but at that time the talking between you and her may not go smoothly as you both meet for the first time. If you take your dog with you, she will first think you as a friendly and charming person as you have your dog with you and her attentions will go on both of you. The more attentions the dog get, it will be transferred to you ultimately because you are the owner of the dog and your girl will feel that you are a compassionately person who love animals. This is going to increase the attractiveness of your personality.

2. Your Dog will let you go more closer

A dog is the most faithful animal as we know and that creature which is faithful must know what love is. If you have a dog and you love it, you will feel, it is better than humans because it never forgets to love you back unlike humans. Hence the point here is that it is an animal that cannot express things by words but it will let the atmosphere or the surroundings be filled with love by its devotion towards its master. When you are on your first date take your dog along with you, it has some miraculous attracting powers which will make your first dating experience, remarkable for lifetime. If you are a shy person you must take your dog as that will help you in getting closer to your girl. You can describe about your dog to her, let her to hold it and play with it which will make her to come closer to you.

3. Your dog will keep the surrounding positive

Most men often remain in confusions whether they could impress her or not in a first meet but the fact is that confusions are negative and they make your confidence level lower so it can be bad for you if you think like that. But if you go with your dog you will feel more relaxed and confident because you have your friend with you that is more trustable than anyone. In many religious scriptures it is mentioned that animals which are happy spread positivity in their surroundings that drives away all negative feelings. So you can take your dog, it will only make your dating funnier and living.

4. Your Dog will make her heart open for you

If you have a dog you should take it along with while going on your first date but do not let your girl feel that you are the owner of that dog but you are a friend of it. She will love it and she will talk with you a lot and you both can come closer while playing with your dog. The more she will love your dog, the more good feelings for you will come into her heart. I know many friends whom I suggested this and the results were quite amazing. They all thanked me for this because their dogs made their first dating amazingly great and charming. They always felt that moment when they met for the first time along with their dogs. I think it may sound crazier but it works and I can say dogs make a girl think about love. So you should try it if you have a dog.



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