5 Things Men Should Remember During Chatting With A Creative Woman


1. You should not treat her like others

Creative persons are quite different than others and they have their own world as well as own rules too. A creative man can be more causal but a creative woman is full of seriousness because few women are creative you better know that. So if you are chatting with a creative woman in internet, you should remember that creative women do not like too much chatting. They get bored by few words as they are creative and extra ordinary though some are arrogant too.

So you just need to start being formal and showing some respect to her because women love respect and who you are chatting with is an extra-ordinary woman. She is not a friend and this is very important thing for you because creative persons are introverts so they do not like casual friendships. You have to wait and not be hurried during texting to her because she tries to read you by your texts.

2. Do not try to be over smart

A smart woman does not like smart men at all so you need to be cautious during conversations with a creative woman. If you think that you are smart, you can tell her but you should not be hurried to do that. You should let her to know your smartness as creative women loves freedom and they want to do things by their own. During conversations you should always try to praise her but too much appreciations are also bad. If she is wrong at a point and you marked that, do not try to tell her suddenly, but it would be better if you tell her after few days.

3. Attract her by your manners

All women love those men who know manners but a creative woman is little different so she thinks it as a priority. You should always try to maintain a distance by giving her respect and admiring her creativity. Any casual word can end conversation at any time, so you should avoid those words which you use during talking with ordinary women. She is so smart that she always wants to judge men, so never give her that opportunity to judge you by manners.

4. Share good things with her

You can share some good inspirational type quotes or poems with her or you may share some pictures. A creative woman always loves good things and if you do that she would love to make the conversation more long.
If you are a funny person, you should not tell her about that but make her laugh by your sense of humors. But it’s important to know that she seldom laughs on those jokes those make your friends laugh. So a joke must be meaningful and it must bear some messages to society, which could make her laugh and if she laugh it’s a game changing conversation for you.

5. Invite her to a book fair or painting exhibition

Most creative women love books and art, so you should invite her according to her choices. If she is a genius in arts, invite her to an art exhibition or to a book fair. Creative women can be very spiritual so you can invite her to meet at a Temple, Church or any religious place. If she is a modern woman then you can invite her to a park with full of natural beauties. She would never deny, if you insist her with your good will.


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