5 Things Usually Indian Men Do After Falling In LOVE.


1. ‘You are mine’- ‘You are mine’

After falling in love with a girl, generally men become possessive and they forget to say ‘I am yours’ and always express ‘You are mine’. Though this is the nature of both men and women but still it is not good if you want a good and long lasting relationship. The fact of the matter is that we can only say about what we feel for others and not what others feel for us.

The nature of men is quite impatient and this nature impels them to think this which is not only bad but also encourages someone to do criminal activities in the name of love.

2. Don’t look elsewhere but look at me

Oh! My goodness, this is one of the bad things that usually men do when they fall in love with a woman. When a man sits with his girl, she wants her to look at him all the time and not elsewhere. Oh come on! You are not her pet and neither is she yours, so why are you doing this. Let her look at you when she wishes.

3. Every boy is your brother except me!

This is also a very wrong attitude of men as well as women too to force their lovers to do as they want. This is not good for a good relationship at all because a woman can’t make every man her brother, father or son and neither they will treat her like the way you want.

4. You must be ready for sex whenever I wish

Well it’s the secret of every man that I am speaking here. All want sex and in fact it’s not a crime to do so but what makes you think that when you are ready, she too is ready? Are you twins? I am just kidding but it’s not a good thing because everyone has its own wish, choices and dislikes. Don’t behave like a street dog, she is just a wild cat and she will do things at time.

5. Say I am the best

Men always want to impress women whether by motivating them or by dominating over. But domination is a bad thing for a good relationship. If you think you are the best, just do something that she will say it by her own and will not be forced by you. Don’t try to close her eyes when she wants to see this world and let her choose who is best.


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