A story on Indian politics that needs to be spoken

Indian politics dirty story

‘’Once I went to the petrol pump and I was standing there in the queue. When my turn came, three guys came on a motorcycle breaking the line and asked to fill their tank first. I saw them in a hurry and I let them go before me. But then an old man came and he said to the filling guy to fill his tank. Generally, I speak less and always try to avoid conflicts and a kind of introvert type.

Now I wondered when the filling guy ignored me and started filling the tank of that old man’s scooter. I realized that my goodness has become the biggest problem of mine. Hence just after the old man went, I yelled at the filling guy and said ‘ Have not you seen me standing?’

He replied ‘Sorry sir’

He then filled my tank and I came to the home.’’

The main purpose of saying this story is to make you think on these lines ‘Dedi Hume Azadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhal, Sabarmati Ke Sant tune kardiya kamal’

This is a political line that is rooted deep inside the blood of every Indian without any logic. Nobody really follows it but wants every other person he/she sees, listens and meets to follow it. Now it is hard to go against these lines publicly without getting trolled by so-called intellectuals.

Now another political secret is about ‘Veer Savarkar’ who was opposite of the above-mentioned lines and the ideology behind it. Since childhood, he was deeply attracted to Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Chhatrapati Shivaji’s war tactics.

Savarkar was the first Indian leader to make a bonfire of foreign cloth. He was also the first Indian student who was rusticated from a Government-aided institution for political reasons. For burning British clothes he was criticized by Gandhiji and his Guru Gokhle. He had spent many years in Andaman Nicobar Jail for raging war against the British government.

What makes me sad is that some politicians and activists are deliberately trying to destroy his personality and contributions to the nation. They say Savarkar wrote a mercy letter to the British government and on this basis, they try to prove their points.But they never understand that Savarkar had already escaped from jail in 1910 with his historic jump. He was a clever man who was a master in guerrilla warfare like his ideal Shivaji.

See if you put a black glass on your eyes, you will only be able to see everything dark. But when the glass will be removed, you will never accept what you will see’. Similarly, if you see Savarkar with a Gandhian mindset you will think ‘why didn’t he die in Andaman Nicobar?’ (This is dirty)

Even Shivaji had done many such things which were done intentionally and which were right at that time. For this, I can only say ‘In war, a soldier must not see what’s left but do what’s right’

It was a strategic move by Savarkar which was done intentionally to fool the British government. To bring him under the ‘Bina Khadag and Dhal’ type idea, judge him and question his integrity is dirty politics.



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