How to raise your kid as a book lover

How to raise your kid as a book lover

When a child grows, she acquires the nature of her surroundings gradually. Your kid should be raised well, in order to understand this universe. Books are the source that allows us to see our life through different frames. Reading books is essential for the development of the brain of your kid. As reading is a complex task than watching kids engage themselves more in watching television or playing games. Have you ever thought to raise your kid as a book lover in this competitive world?

Here are few tips for you to inspire your kid to love books.

Gather Books at home

Kids are always curious by nature. They want to explore what they see in their surroundings. As your goal is to inspire your kid to read books, there can be no better way than gathering books at home. Keep some good story books in your room to attract your kid. These days, there are many comic books available in the market which you can also buy for your kid. To make sure that your kid reads those books, don’t bother about what she does with your books. When you allow your kid access your books, it motivates her to explore the contents of the books.


Be a half storyteller

Since the beginning, stories have been playing an important role in our lives. When children listen to stories, they get involved in them and ask questions to the storyteller. When you tell stories to your kid, make sure that you don’t complete them. Tell your kid that you have forgotten the half of the story, you read from a book. When you tell this, don’t forget to mention the book name that you want her to read… Your kid will try to know the missed part of your story which will inspire her to go through your books. This is about putting a dream into the mind of your kid and let it build her future.

Take your kid to the library & book fairs

There can be no better place for your kid than the national library to visit. There are varieties of books available today in the library. When you visit the library as a book lover, she will get the opportunity to interact with many other kids and book lovers there. Take your kid to book fairs also, where she will discover how books play an important role in our lives.

Organise events to Distribute books

Though book distribution can cost time and money,  a book lover will never mind that. You can organize various competitive events and reward good books for the winners. If your kid loves to play with toys, you may organize some special events on toys. Sometimes kids become possessive when they see their parents giving the reward to someone and this act can also motivate them to be close to books.  It depends on you, how you understand your kid and give a new direction to her life to be a book lover.




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