Content vs SEO: Which is More Powerful?

content vs seo

Content Vs SEO is a comparison between content creation and search engine optimization. I think it is not a good thing to compare two different things. But we live in a world where people love to compare. They love to see the fight between two individuals, ideologies or mechanisms. In this era, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. Those who are consumers they are using the internet and the suppliers are trying to catch these opportunities as well.

These changing scenarios in the market have given birth to a new sort of marketing called Digital marketing. People often consider content and SEO as two parts of digital marketing while facts can be different. I often see folks from digital arena fighting with each other over content and SEO. Some guys say content is more powerful than SEO while others say content is just a part of SEO. So who is right? I am going to give my readers a comparative analysis of content VS SEO topic. I will try to tell you which is more powerful between content and SEO.

What is Content?

Content is a sort of expression that can be presented in different forms like voice, text, image, and video. When it comes to the level of business, content becomes the thoughts of both the consumer and the seller.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an online or offline marketing process that is done to promote a particular product, service or brand.

What is Offline Content Marketing?

Offline content marketing is a process that uses billboards, loudspeakers, print media, television, and radio to publish the content that endorses a particular brand or product.

Examples of offline content marketing.

  • An offline bookstore distributes pamphlets to promote its business.
    A cinema hall uses a loudspeaker across villages to inform people about the release date of certain movies.
    A political party broadcasts promotional content on radio/TV to target its voters.

What is Online Content Marketing?

Online content marketing involves the internet as the ultimate medium to publish content in the form of text, audio, graphics, and videos for the promotion of a brand. This type of content marketing includes sharing content on social media, blogs, and websites.

Examples of online content marketing

  • An E-commerce store publishes its content on various social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.
    Consultancy company shares its video content on Youtube to promote its brand.
    A magazine shares it’s blogging to attract a particular demographic group.

What is a Search Engine?

In simple terms, a search engine is an offline/online tool that helps people in searching for things they want. There are no such versatile offline search engines that gather all the information.
The best example of an offline search engine can be a consultancy company that helps people to find their respective products, services or solutions. But as the offline searching process depends on P2P (people to people) communication, it takes time.

What is a Web Search Engine?

A web search engine is an online tool that helps people finding their needs over the internet. It is a software system that reads the command of the user and shows results accordingly.
A web search engine is designed to search for the information on the World Wide Web. So it presents the results in the form of Search engine results pages (SERPs) before the user. These pages may contain text content, images, audios or video content.

Examples of Internet Search Engines

There are many web search engines across the web. The most popular web search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo,, and Baidu.

SEO Meaning in Marketing

In simple terms, SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is an online marketing process that became popular after Google launched the Google toolbar in 2001. But online businesses started using SEO in the 1990s.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online advertising process to increase the rank of a website or webpage on various web search engines.

The Objectives of Search Engine Optimization

The main goal of SEO is to promote a brand over the internet.
SEO intends to drive quality and organic traffic to a website or webpage
Search Engine Optimization is conducted to beat the competition over the World Wide Web.

Content vs SEO: Let’s Compare

I do not like to compare things because everything has its own value. But if people want to see a comparison then let it happen. Basically, online marketing needs good content and the right procedures to motivate audiences to go through that content.

Why is Content Important?

Many SEO professionals think that the content department works in the SEO department. They also believe that content exists because of SEO. But the truth is so remarkable that I want to share it with my readers.
For a business Content should not be just a piece of writing, image or video but a thought that represents the business. If you have good and positive thoughts on your brand you can transfer that to your consumers. This is like a spiritual energy that you can present via writings, voice, images or videos.

If people love what you think, then nobody can stop you from selling your products. Your content represents you and it’s you who have to choose whether you need SEO or not. So if we separate content from SEO, then SEO will have no existence. But if you separate SEO from content, still content will exist.

Due to the presence of many websites, search engines have created certain rules to rank the content of various websites which is SEO. So SEO is just a process of arranging your thoughts or content as per the terms and conditions of search engines and nothing more than that.

Why is SEO Important?

If you think content is the only important thing then you might be wrong in this era. This era of the digital revolution is so competitive that it is difficult for a startup E-commerce site or blog to establish itself as a brand. You may have good and inspiring content but everything matters on the rank of your website.

Technical SEO is considered as the backbone of a website in this era because it has nothing to do with the content but with the infrastructures. Technical SEO is different from on-page and off-page SEO where content and content marketing matters the most.

Technical SEO fixes the issues of URL, sitemap and other infrastructures of your website to allow search engines index your page. If you have a good piece of content but it is not indexed due to the problems in your URL, your readers can’t see your content.

If your website is not user-friendly or its design is not eye-catching, nobody will visit your page. In such circumstances, technical SEO can address the issues of your website, fix them and make your website mobile friendly.

Content Marketing vs. SEO: There is no Competition

The most ridiculous question is that content marketing is effective or SEO. I want you to understand that content is different from content marketing. For example, if a tea seller says ‘my tea is good’, it’s his content but when he goes to a public place and says ‘Drink! My tea is good’ that’s content marketing.

When marketing is combined with content it becomes a part of digital marketing. Therefore you can say SEO is content marketing and they work together to build a strategic brand building process.

Content vs SEO: How SEO can kill your Content

If you have a good piece of content that describes your brand perfectly then Search engine optimization (SEO) may affect your content.

There are many rules for search engines that your SEO team will follow and change your content accordingly. So sometimes you have to see your inspiring content dying with the keywords, readability parameter and other SEO rules.

But a true SEO professional can recognize the importance of content marketing and SEO. He can never let your content die and address the search engines and your readers by his skills.

Content vs SEO: Quotes of Great people

  • Content is king- Bill Gates
  • To be momentous, create content with purpose. – Russell Sparkman
  • Content should ask people to do something and reward them for it. – Lee Odden
  • On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print is traditionally thought of as marketing tactics. – Duane Forrester,
  • Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. – Wendy Piersall
  • Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘getting the targeted and relevant traffic.” – Adam Audette
  • Better content are outweighing more content. – Rand Fishkin

Content vs SEO: Who’s The Winner?

If you ask me about which is more powerful in this debate content vs SEO, I might say content. But if you ask me which is more powerful to establish a brand, no doubt I will say these two things are important. Content vs SEO can only be good to be a title of a blog otherwise it’s not relevant. So the winner is that person who blends SEO and content together to prepare good digital marketing strategies.


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