Dating Tips For Men: How Your Dog Can Make Your First Date Memorable

dating tips for men

Dating tips for men can be different from time to time. These days when you plan to go on your first date you try to use various dating tips for men. If you are a shy person then it is a daunting task to manage your anxiety on your first date. How are you going to approach her? What will you wear? All these questions may confuse you.

At first, it seems little weird when I say that your dog can make your first date memorable. Lord saves me, but this is a fact that there are many relevant things which we never want to look out. We all love dogs and you will be surprised to know that dogs can contribute to making good dating tips for men.

In the case of women, I can say that they too love animals. Here I am not saying about cockroaches or toads. But most women love Dogs and cats very much. Here are some interesting facts you should know about your dog and how it can be the main thing in your dating tips list.

1. Dating Tips for Men: Dogs Create Good Impressions

If you go on your first date, you will go with a mind full of curiosity. When you meet your girl, you try to catch her attention. And you both hang out for some time. But at that time your conversation may not go as smoothly as you both meet for the first time.

If you take your dog with you, things may become different. she will first think you as a friendly and charming person as you have an adorable dog with you. And her attention will go on both of you. The more attention your dog gets, the more good impressions you will be able to create about yourself.

2. Dating Tips for Men: Dogs Make You Closer

It is a popular belief that a dog is the most faithful animal among all. If you have a dog and you love it, you can understand how faithful and friendly dogs are. Unlike humans, Dogs do not forget to love you back. The point here is that a dog cannot express things by words but it will let the atmosphere or the surroundings be filled with love. We all know that every creature posses a hidden energy that impacts on its surroundings.

When you are on your first date take your dog along with you! Dogs have strong positive energy radiance around them which will make your first date memorable for a lifetime. Shy persons must note this in their dating tips list. This will help you in getting closer to your girl. You can describe your dog to her, let her hold it and play with it which will make her come closer to you.

3. Dating Tips For Men: Dogs Spread Positive Energy

Most men often remain in confusions whether they could impress their partners or not in a first meet. But the fact is that confusions are negative and you can be on your lower side when you are confused.
But if you go with your dog you will feel more relaxed and confident. You will have a friend with you who is more faithful than anyone. In many religious scriptures also preach that happy animals spread positivism that drives away all negative feelings. So take your dog on your first date! It will only make your dating funnier and lively.

4. Dating Tips for Men: Dogs create emotional Bonding

If you take your dog to impress your girl, do not let her feel that you are the owner but a friend of your dog. She will love it. Generally, women are more sentimental than men, therefore, your dog will gather everything from your girl that you need to smile. The more she will love your dog, the more good feelings for you will come into her heart.

I have suggested these dating tips to many of my friends. They all tried it and the results were quite amazing. My friends thanked me for this because their dogs made their first date memorable for their lifetime. Today they remember those moments when they met for the first time with their dogs.

Dating Tips for Men: Bottom Line

There are many dating tips that you can try on your first date. But I think you should try these dating tips as an animal lover. Do not expect things to work as I have mentioned but think how you can impress you’re being a real-life animal lover and compassionate person.


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