Elon Musk’s Pot-Smoking Podcast may put SpaceX in troubles

Elon musk smoking joe rogan podcast -livolife

These days Elon Musk the CEO of Space X is in the headlines not because of any ambitious space mission but for a podcast. A podcast recording where he was spotted smoking may cause problems for SpaceX.

The incident happened during a live broadcast of a podcast recording of Elon Musk with the comedian Joe Rogan. According to initial reports, the Air Force is taking this issue seriously and planning to launch an official investigation.

But some sources also say that the Air Force also have no idea what to do in this matter. Smoking Marijuana is not illegal in California but federally it is illegal.

Elon musk pot smoking podcast-livolife
Elon Musk Smokes during the podcast

The uses of Marijuana are prohibited for someone with a government security clearance. I think Musk should have thought about this before doing what he loves to do. We don’t know whether Elon Musk has security clearances as the CEO of Space X but he is idealized by a lot of young people which matters.

The official sources of Space X have yet to respond in this matter. But this is not the first time he is being criticized for his unusual activities. Tesla board members had also raised their concerns against Musk for consuming various drugs.

During the podcast recording with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk discussed various important topics including neural- link devices that could connect computers with human brains.

What’s Next Elon Musk !

After the podcast recording was released the shares of Tesla went down. So is there something more to happen? I mean what the AIR force will do now? We have already seen Musk going under security scrutiny due to his tweets. So Space X may face some troubles because of the weird behaviors of Elon Musk. We are waiting for your views on Elon Musk’s pot smoking. Feel Free to tell us what you think on this matter.



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