How to take care of your child being a working mother

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In 2007 miss world contest a question asked to miss India Manushi Chillar that which profession deserve the highest salary and why? Her answer was a mother should deserve the highest paid profession because all mothers who sacrifice so much for their kids should deserve love and respect. Salary is the small thing in front of their sacrifices.

I think we all agree with her answer. Because being a mother of a child is the toughest job in the world and being a working lady is the difficult task. They have to balance between job and child.

It is very difficult to manage a child being a working lady. In this modern days family and career, both are important for women. However, she has to walk on a fine line of parenting when it is about taking care of a child while working. Many of them also quit working to take care of their child. But, for some women, it is necessary to provide financial support to their families. As such they have to depend on others for taking care of their child.

Here are some tips for working mother how to take care of your child being a working

Determine needs

Two working mom’s child-care needs are not the same. Some may have regular coverage, whereas others simply would like somebody to look at their kid some hours wet throughout the week. Therefore reassess your schedule in addition as your partner’s to determine precisely what quantity child care coverage you truly would like. By being terribly specific in determinant your desires, you’ll be able to doubtless save yourself tons of money—and frustration—in the end of the day.

Find childcare that works for you.

Not all kid care is made equal. You’ll discover the styles of kid care work higher for you and your family according to the age of your child.  As an example, if you have got a baby, you’ll value more highly to have an in-home nanny stick with you whereas you’re employed to avoid exposing your child to icky germs. As your kid gets older, socialization is also what you’re seeking, thus you’ll wish to enroll your kid during a native daycare. And if your child is school-aged, a part-time sitter could do the trick to hide those further hours till you’re done operating for the day.

Maintain a flexible schedule

If you thought to work from home meant that you’d never need child-care coverage once more, well, check. Having a versatile schedule will mean that you just will creatively cowl kid care a lot of simply than your in-office colleagues, though? You’ll realize an employment position that enables you to figure around your children’s schedules (i.e., early within the morning or late at night) or right smack within the middle of the day—when children are at school. alternative work-at-home-moms (WAHMs) might realize that doing a child swap on bound days helps to require care of child-care coverage problems while not cost accounting a reasonable penny.

Once you establish child data coverage, it’s time to start out coming up with however you’ll school assignment for obtaining children prepared for back to high school.

Prepare ahead of time

Prepare a schedule. Don’t leave everything for tomorrow morning.  Thus try and do the maximum work as much as a day before and even the night before. Have outfits ironed and prepared to wear, and pack lunches and store in the fridge. By having most of the school assignment work done previous, you’ll minimize the stressfulness of the morning and have each you and your child calm and prepared for a fun college year!


These are some tips to take care of your child while you are going to work. I myself is a working mother and managing my 7 years old girl. I have tried to some basic yet practical experiences and tips from my life. If you feel this piece informative, I would love to hear your views on it.



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