Lucy Was Gone- A Heart Trembling Short Story


Through the darkness, perhaps Lucy was scanning for something. Because around then lights were gone and there was haziness all around Lucy’s house. It was raining vigorously outside her home and the wind was blowing on its way. Lucy discovered something what she was looking for. It was all quiet around her aside from the rain, the thunders, the wind, the crying pooches and the windows. Lucy was standing and looking through the windows. The lightning jolts were making the zone lit for some moments. But she was absolutely out of fear, because she was inconsiderate about every one of the things happening around her.

Some toys were broken on the floor, which was seen with the lights of the thunders. Those were Lucy’s toys, and a few books were likewise fell on the floor. All those things were on the floor, but they were not obvious plainly on account of the dimness.

Lucy discovered the photograph of her Grandma which was fell on the floor. The edge of the photograph was broken, but that was the thing for which Lucy was looking for. A night where light and shadow were playing find the stowaway with one another was not the night of happiness. A five year old young lady who dependably dreaded haziness was truly managing the darkness, that night. The tiles of the floor of her home was all looking red with the delicate lights. Lucy was taking a gander at that photograph and she twisted down with her knees to pick it up. But she couldn’t pick that with her hands. She attempted and attempted yet she couldn’t do that. She was not demonstrating any responses like she indicated when the security gatekeeper of their home griped about her to her Pa(father).

Mom dependably advised her to abstain from going outside their home on the grounds that Mr Rao dependably stayed occupied at his administration in ensuring the natural life as a timberland officer. She frequently educated her concerning the apparition who lived in a house 10 piece far from them. But grandmother’s stories were something uncommon to Lucy. Grandma’s stories were about divine beings and evil spirits and numerous stories were about rulers also. But Lucy was all the while remaining in the obscurity having no trepidation of anything. Suddenly a lightning jolt came through the windows and a shinning thing took her consideration towards it. Lucy thought back and saw a broken clock on the floor, which was all the while demonstrating the time correctly. It was around 3 “o” clock and she had no idea about how time was going so quick.

She began moving towards a book falling on the red floor. She took a gander at the spread however the grisly wind made the pages curl. Something was composed on a page of the book, and it was similar to this ‘Dad I cherish you exceptionally much, but Security uncle is bad… ..why he generally stops me going outside ? “… … ..Lucy saw it yet she didn’t grin and didn’t attempt to hold that book with her hands.

She generally had gripes about that security man with a major mustache, because she needed a few experiences around the wildernesses and that watch constantly halted her going outside the gate. Suddenly rain ceased and Lucy saw somebody sitting close to the entryway through the windows. He was her Security uncle. Lucy went closer to the windows and looked at him. She saw him looking towards her and giving signs with his hand to come down. Lucy comprehended that it was getting late and she realized that Mr Rao and Miss Rao were sitting tight for her outside the entryway.

Lucy turned back and strolled towards the entryway which was shut from outside. She went closer to the entryway and halted there. She heard Mama saying something to Pa. Mama was stating ”How would she be able to come ? its exceptionally dull there, she may slam into things. You ought to go and help her”. Mr Rao was stating “ she will manage,because my little girl is extremely clever”. Lucy heard each one of those things and she experienced the shut entryways which she couldn’t do before 2 days.

The lightning striking was demonstrating a few pictures before Lucy’s eyes “Mr Rao guaranteed Lucy to take her to grandmother on the grounds that she had nobody to deal with her as Lucy’s mother used to say” . Lucy went to her guardians and took a gander at them.

Abruptly it was begun sprinkling and Lucy’s mother pulled Lucy towards her and said ” Its the time to go Lucy”. Lucy said “yet I needed that Photo of grandmother mama”. Pa went to her and said “Hey baby, we ought to leave now for vacation, its getting late”. Lucy had a few inquiries yet she simply said ”Grandma ?”.

Mom answered “nectar ! she will come however not now, let’s go”

Lucy, mama and Pa began strolling towards the gate. That security watchman was staying there and he looked towards Lucy and said “We need to leave now Sir !”. They all began strolling towards the wall and went outside the door.

Following couple of hours the sun came and there was light everywhere. It was another day yet Lucy was not there. Her house was encompassed by numerous vehicles and people.Some were her fathers colleagues, some were news columnists and some were from the neighboring town.

It was 8’o’ clock at the morning after that night. A old lady took the consideration of everybody assembled there. She was on a wheel seat and crying continuously. She was Lucy’s grandma.Some men were with her, and she was stating “Gracious Krishna(supreme Godhead) why did you do this, Please take my life and make them alive”.

After at some point the policemen traveled every which way through the group to see the dead bodies. There were 3 dead bodies lying on the ground secured with white clothes. Lucy was laying down with her Mama and Pa. And all the media persons were assembled close them.

Few stages ahead the security man was resting inside the white cover.

A news columnist asked to a policeman ” What happened here yesterday night sir ? ”

The Policeman answered “We believe that the Animal bootleggers are behind this crime, because Mr Rao was an honest officer”

Lucy was gone far from her grandma, from her toys and from her home… …


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