Metoo movement: 15 famous men who are accused of sexual harassment so far


The MeToo movement (or #MeToo movement) is a fight against sexual harassment internationally and locally as well. The #Metoo movement started becoming viral from October 2017. It became a hashtag on various social media platforms, especially on Twitter.

Most people in India even do not know the meaning and propose of this MeToo movement. But these days it has brought a storm in Indian media. From Bollywood celebrities to politicians all are facing allegations of harassing women.  As this movement is gaining a lot of attention, we thought to prepare a list of 15 famous men who are facing troubles due to this #MeToo Storm.

Nana Patekar (Actor, Bollywood)

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The #MeToo campaign was first started in India when Tanushree Dutta came up with some allegations of sexual harassment against veteran Bollywood actor Nana Patekar. She claimed that Nana Patekar tried to touch her inappropriately on the sets of ‘Horn Ok Please’ in 2008.

Sajid Khan (Director, Bollywood)

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The Houseful franchise director Sajid Khan suddenly became the headlines of the mainstream media when Actress Saloni Chopra shared a blog post on Medium about being sexually assaulted by Sajid Khan. Sajid Khan’s Sister Farah Khan often raises her voice against sexual harassment. Now his brother is in deep trouble. In a separate event, a freelance Bollywood journalist Rachel white has also put serious allegations against the 47 years old Sajid Khan.

Vinod Duaa (Anchor, NDTV, the Wire)

Vinod Dua-Me Too Movement-Livolife (2)

Vinod Dua is not a new name to Indians. We all have seen him on NDTV hosting several popular TV shows. He often speaks against Hindu culture, Tradition, BJP, RSS and woman dignity. But a lady Documentary Filmmaker Nishtha Jain has accused Vinod Dua of sexually Harassing her in 1989. Vinod Dua currently works for The Wire as a journalist and TV host.

Suhel Seth (Celebrity consultant)

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The MeToo movement went further when famous Bollywood celebrity consultant Suhel Seth was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. Natashja Rathore a Rajasthani filmmaker accused Suhel of groping her breast and kissing forcefully. In a fresh incident, a model/actress Diandra Soaress also has accused him of forcefully kissing her.

Jatin Das (Painter)

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It is the ‘Pitaah’ actress Nandita Das’s father Jatin Das this time. If you remember she had said once ‘Every man is a potential rapist’. Nandita used to raise her voice against men’s behavior but this time his father is in trouble. A Mumbai based entrepreneur Nisha Bora has accused Mr. Jatin Das of sexually molesting her. Bora accused Jatin Das of forcefully kissing in her lips while she was in his studio in Khidki village in 2004.

MJ Akbar (Politician, BJP)

Mj Akbar- Me Too Movement-livolife (2)

Many congress party leaders were accused of sexual harassment before. But this time multiple women have accused a BJP leader MJ Akbar of sexual harassment. He has also resigned from The Minister of State for External Affairs post till the truth comes out.  It was Priya Ramani a journalist who first accused Akbar of Sexual Harassment in the MeToo Movement.

Subhash Ghai (Director, Bollywood)

Subash Ghai- Me Too Movement-Livolife (2)

Subhash Ghai, The Khalnayak director has now been accused of sexual harassment after an anonymous woman alleged him in a social media post. In that post, she said that Ghai drugged and raped her. In a separate incident actress Kate Sharma also claimed that Ghai forcefully grabbed her and tried to kiss her.

Vikash Bahl (Director, Bollywood)

Vikash Bahl- Me Too Movement-livolife (2)The famous director of ‘Queen’ movie, Vikas Bahl has now been caught in the MeToo Movement. A former employee of the film collective Phantom Films has accused him of sexual Harassment for an incident that took place in 2015 in Goa. Actress Kangana Ranaut has also accused him of holding her inappropriately.

Kailash Kher (singer, Bollywood)

Kailash Kher- Me Too Movement-livolife (2)

In a series of tweets, singer Sona Mohapatra has accused the legendary singer Kailash Kher for sexually harassing her. In another event, a singer Varsha Singh Dhanoa and a journalist have also accused Kailash Kher of inappropriately touching their thighs.

Alok Nath (Actor, Bollywood)

Alok nath-metoo movement-livolife (2)

Alok Nath, the Sanskari Babuji is now in a great trouble. Veteran TV writer, producer, and director Vinta Nanda has accused Alok Nath of sexual harassment and rape in a Facebook post. She accused that Alok Nath had raped her for multiple times 19 years ago after she left from her TV show Tara.

Rajat Kapoor (Actor, Bollywood)

Rajat Kapoor- MeToo Movement-livolife (2)

Journalist Sandhya Menon revealed the allegations against Rajat Kapoor, the famous actor of ‘Bheja Fry. She unraveled the allegations against Rajat Kapoor by three women in separate incidents. Those three women now accuse Rajat Kapoor of inappropriately touching and misbehaving with them.

Chetan Bhagat (writer)

Chetan Bhagat- Me Too Movement-Livolife (2)

Famous Novelist Chetan Bhagat is in trouble for the ongoing #MeToo movement. Writer Ira Trivedi accuses that the 44-year-old author Chetan Bhagat had tried to make several sexual advances with her after they met at the Jaipur literature festival nearly a decade ago.

Vaira Muthu Ramaswamy( Tamil Lyricist)

Vairamuthu-Metoo Movement-livolife (2)

The famous Tamil lyricist who wrote lyrics for the movie ‘Roja’ is now being named in the #MeToo Movement. An anonymous woman has accused Ramaswamy of sexually harassing her on the workplace. Here also the veteran journalist Sandhya Menon unraveled the allegations by that woman.

Kiran Nagarkar (writer)

Kiran nagarkar- Me Too Movement-Livolife (2)

Kiran Nagarkar the famous Indian Novelist and film critic faces troubles when a woman journalist accuses him of sexually harassing her. She says that when they met in a Hotel for an interview. But Nagarkar came closer to her and pulled her towards him just after the interview.  As per the allegations, Nagarkar tried to put his fingers inside her bra and also tried to convince the woman to skype with him at night.

Vipul Shah (Director)

Vipul Shah-Me Too Movement-Livolife (2)

The successful Bollywood director who directed the movie ‘Namastey England’ has been accused of sexual harassment by Sacred Games actor Elnaaz Norouzi. The actress claimed that Vipul Shah tried to sexually advance towards her while auditioning her role in his latest movie ‘Namastey England’.

MeToo Movement

As an individual when I think about MeToo movement, I don’t see any kind of woman empowerment but hypocrisy. Those women are complaining after decades that used to separate themselves from mainstream society. They used to preach that they are independent and empowered. Now, what should we conclude? Were they empowered 10 years ago or now? We do not support any crime against women but also want everyone to get a fair chance in this ‘Beheti Ganga’. What do you think? Please let us know your views in the comment box.


  1. I don’t understand when women get nude for movies but get agitated when directors ask them to do so.
    I don’t buy the argument that when the script demands women or men should go nude. Shame is shame under any circumstances.

    Ladies who sell their bodies for money are called whores. I don’t see any difference between these actresses/actors and whores.

    We are speaking about sanity in a place (film industry) which thrives on showing sex, violence, drugs, etc. Of course, these MeToo ladies are exhibiting double standards..


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