5 most popular Mythological TV Serials on Lord Krishna

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Mythological Tv serials are great ways to deliver spiritual messages across the society. In India, people are very religious and they often love to watch movies and serials on their deities. Lord Krishna is considered as the supreme deity in Hinduism.  He is the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu, the Almighty. I have collected five best mythological TV serials on Lord Krishna in this article to let you know how glorious the Indian television history was.

Best Mythological TV serials on Lord Krishna

Shree Krishna (1993-1996, DD1) 8.2/10 IMDB

Devotional TV serials-Shree Krishna

Directed by Ramanand Sagar, this is one of the best mythological TV serials in India. When I was a child, I first saw this serial and fell in love with it. The direction of this serial was so good that still, people rate this serial over others. The series was first telecasted on Doordarshan and became popular. This serial describes the life and divine aspects of Lord Krishna who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Mahabharat (1988, DD1) 9.4/10 IMDB

Devotional TV serials- Mahabharat

When this serial was first telecasted, I was yet to be born. But I love this serial very much. I have watched this many times and I think the great epic Mahabharat was well presented by BR Chopra. This serial describes the story of Pandavas, Kauravas and the supreme personality Lord Krishna. It is said people used to leave everything while watching Mahabharat in 1988. If you have not seen this serial, probably you have missed the best Tv series in Indian television history.

 Vishnu Puran (2003,DD1) 6.9/10 IMDB

Devotionl TV serials- Vishnu puran

After the success of Mahabharat, BR Chopra again came in 2003 with ‘Vishnu Puran. He cast Nitin Bharadwaj in this serial to play the role of Lord Vishnu who incarnated for 10 times to save this world. This serial gives us the profound knowledge of the Hindu scripture Vishnu Puran and delivers a great spiritual message.

Mahabharat (2013, StarPlus) 8.7/10 IMDB

Devotional TV serials- Mahabharat New

In 2013, a new mythological series started to draw the attention of Indian audience. It was the new version of Mahabharat. The storyline was the same while the actors and director were totally different. This is one of the best mythological TV serials in India that has used great special effects to portray the war of Mahabharata.

 Jai Shri Krishna(2008, Colors) 7.1/10 IMDB

Devotional TV serials- Jai Shree Krishna

I can say that this is the cutest TV series on Lord Krishna. It was first telecasted in 2008 on Colors TV. This mythological TV show focuses on the childhood of Lord Krishna and presents the divinity behind the playful activities of Lord Krishna.

My Love For mythological TV Serials

I don’t know but since childhood, I always loved to watch mythological TV serials. I have a book that I always keep ahead of other great books, especially scientific books and that is Bhagavad Gita. In this little piece of writing, I tried to mention five best mythological TV serials on Lord Krishna, which I love to watch. If you have any suggestions, please do not forget to comment below in the remark box.


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