What Is Self Motivation? 5 effective and simple ways for self motivation

Self Motivation

Self-motivation means to get motivated by the self. These days we are becoming more dependent on materials than life. Everyone is running to beat time which is an impossible task. This competitive era is reminding us the theory of evolution where Darwin preaches ‘Survival of the Fittest’.

Those who are affluent, they are buying everything even motivation. But the poor and deprived beings are struggling. When nobody has time for you, it becomes a difficult thing to stay motivated everytime.

In such circumstances, self-motivation is the only way to help you achieve your goals. You do not need to ask anyone to motivate you, neither need to spend anything except time.

In this article, we will discuss how to be self-motivated. We have discovered a few ways that lead to self-motivation.

Read the life stories of great people

The first thing you can do to is to read some good books for self-motivation. It will be a good idea to pick some biographies of great persons such as poets, scientists, politicians, and businessmen.

These books can make you learn the struggling story of great personalities. You will know how they began their journey and achieved their goals. Scientists like Sir Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Nikola Tesla’s life stories have inspired many individuals. You can read such inspirational books or watch motivational video clips on YouTube.

Watch motivational movies

According to psychology, visual memory impacts more on our lives than other memories. Most people in this world watch movies of different genres such as Action, Drama, Sci-fi, fantasy & documentary.

You can watch some inspirational Hollywood movies because Hollywood produces versatile movies.  Movies that represent the true life story of a person are great choices to watch for self-motivation.

Think Positive for Self Motivation

Positive thoughts help us stay happy and cheerful. You should not allow negative thoughts to capture your mind.  Various ancient scriptures like Vedas, Bhagavad Gita and Bible also suggest having positive thoughts for a healthy and wealthy life.

When an individual suffers but still works hard without blaming anyone he/she has a positive approach towards life. You should not be jealous or afraid of anyone rather you should focus on your life to improve it.

Never stop until you reach your goal

Competition is a natural process that occurs to mark the most efficient and suitable beings. These days the world has become so competitive that you will face confusions while choosing a particular goal.

It is a fact that every single work that you do with dedication will provide great results. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, Karma is yours but the result is not in your hands. Why are you wasting your time thinking about what will be the consequences? Once you set a goal, just do not think anything, do hard work and never stop until you achieve your goal.

Have faith in God

Since the existence of an intelligent human race, we have believed in God. This belief is not just a belief but a force of nature that always keeps us motivated to live well in this materialistic world.

Always have faith in God no matter whatever happens. When you feel stressed or alone, just concentrate on the supreme force. You can visit a temple or Church to instill some spiritual strength within yourself. God is the first and last self-motivational thing that sooner or later we will admit.



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