Why lord Shiva is the Highest Yogi of all.

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is considered as the prime deity in Hinduism. There are different types of traditions and cultures in India yet Shiva finds it’s placed in each and every tradition. Some call him the destroyer, some call him a yogi while some see him as nothing.

Who really Shiva is? If he is a Yogi, what is the difference between him and other Yogis who have appeared in this world? In this article, we will discuss on Lord Shiva, and try to know why he is the highest Yogi.

He Embraces All

If you read the ancient Hindu Puranas, it is clearly mentioned there that Shiva always helps demons. Many people question this but it is too difficult for humans to understand Shiva. Shiva has no beginning and no end according to the Vedas and Shiva Purana.

He always remains in the state of Samadhi thus never differentiate between good and evil. The gods like Indra, Varuna, Agni, Surya and others worship him with complete devotion. At the same time, demons like Tarakasura, Hiranyakashyapu, Ravana, and Kamsha also regards Shiva as the highest of all.

The fact of the matter is that Shiva is a yogi who lives in smashana. He puts snakes around his neck as a garland that causes fear among all. This makes him the highest of all yogins because he not only stands with love but also with hate. For who is merged in Shiva, can only understand how beautiful Shiva really is.

He has all Wisdom

When you see the pictures of Shiva, you see the third eye of him on his forehead. In ancient scriptures, this third eye has been declared as the most powerful force that can destroy the entire universe.

If you think another way, you can find that Shiva has a third eye on his head which means he sees from the head. In the ancient Vedas, it is also mentioned that Shiva means all the wisdom of this universe.

In the tantric scriptures like Kularnava Tantra, Shiva is regarded as the father, mother, and grandsire of Tantra. Tantra actually means a very advanced technology that can do everything that is not possible for humans. Just imagine, how the ancient temples were built, why some mysteries are not yet solved! All these things have one answer and that is Shiva.

Lord Shiva is Nirvana

Nirvana means to reach to the state of ultimate bliss through yoga. This state has been mentioned by many eastern scriptures. The Buddhas, Jainas and the Hindus believe in Nirvana.

There are many yogis who appeared in this world from time to time. Some yogins called themselves as yogins and some preached Nirvana. If you read about Shiva, you will find that when he appeared, nobody could recognize him.

Shiva never preaches nirvana but he is nirvana himself. He has no name yet he has created this yoga. The lingam that originally means a symbol in Sanskrit can better signify the strength of Lord Shiva.

He is Almighty

When you hear the word God, you think god is the opposite of evil. But if you learn about Shiva, you will find that he loves gods as much he loves the evil demons. In Shiva Purana, it is mentioned that during the Samudra Manthan, Shiva drank all the poison to save the universe.

If you want to understand through the humanly developed scientific terms, you can assume Shiva as a black hole. A black hole that can swallow everything and still remain as it is.

Lord Vishnu, who is one of the most powerful deities among the Trideva, says he worships Shiva as his Ishwara. And you will be amazed when you know that Shiva too says that he worships Vishnu as his supreme deity. There is no doubt that Shiva is the Almighty, the father, mother, and grandsire of this creation.


In this article, I tried to discuss on Lord Shiva, who is the prime deity of Hindus. There are many mysterious things are there about Lord Shiva which we are yet to discover. Be that as it may, through this article we just expressed our feelings and devotion towards him.


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