Tantric sex: Who Can Perform & Why It Is Magical?

Tantric sex

What is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is mainly associated with ancient Hindu and Buddhist religion. It is not like the way it is being presented in most western scriptures. Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means mechanism and if I break Tantra I will get Tan+Tra. Tan means the external body while Tra can be defined as a disciplinary process. In simple terms, Tantra is a process to take control of this material body.

What is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is a process that was created long ago by ancient Hindu monks. Later, it became a part of Buddhist tradition. This is a sacred process that is done to know the purpose of sex because during intercourse everyone becomes unconscious of its surroundings.

Who can perform Tantric sex?

Tantric sex cannot be performed by everyone as it is not a sexual method but a mechanism to remain conscious during sex. To perform Tantric sex, one must possess the strength of self-enlightenment.

How Is Tantric sex performed?

The way people present tantric sex is not only wrong but also vulgar. I have seen many people who claim that tantric sex is done to attain to the extreme sexual pleasure while the core idea of Tantra is to forget the pain and pleasure in this body.
The highest tantric scripture ‘Kularnava Tantra’ declares Tantra as the supreme power of Lord Shiva. Therefore Tantra cannot be seen as a thing that is related to the material world. Tantra is the supreme energy of Lord Shiva that drives matter into life. Thus it is hard for an ordinary human being to perform Tantric sex.

The process of Tantric sex: Why it is magical?

When someone is sexually aroused, his/her body starts releasing the energy quickly. The spiritual force that binds body and mind starts collapsing and the breathing process fastens. But in Tantric sex, the individual is equipped with self-enlightenment. In the words of saints, a person possesses the power of Shiva in Tantric meditations.

Due to the lack of knowledge and ignorance of ancient tantric scriptures, most people in India consider Tantra as an evil thing. But Tantra is the most sacred spiritual wisdom that mankind would ever have. Here is how Tantric sex is performed?

One must be conscious during the activity

Here Tantra preaches that one must be conscious of the activity and not the material. This means the person who wishes to perform Tantric sex must be conscious during the activity. People may claim that it’s impossible or irrelevant but Tantra is not in their hands. Tantra is the vicious force that is released from Lord Shiva. Hence the force must be recognized as it is and not as the doer is.

One must concentrate to know what causes the activity

Once the doer knows the action, he must try to know what causes the activity. This is called the highest level of spirituality. The being that follows Kula Tantra, must be clean and divine to know about the secret force that causes the sexual activity. This is one of the most important aspects of Tantra.

One must not lose itself under any circumstances

Kula Tantra says that this body is a shava or dead body and Shiva instills energy in it through Tantra. Hence one must not lose Shiva to Shava in any situation. One, who wants to perform this process, should be aware of the fact that the sexual force is one of the strongest illusionary forces. It can easily dominate over anything. Thus one should take control over itself during the activity.

One must convert the tantric energy to various forms

The last yet most beautiful step of Tantric sex is to convert the sexual energy into other divine energies by the power of Lord Shiva. It is Tantra that moves to move the material world, therefore knowing this the individual must convert this Tantric force to good forces.

Tantric Sex: Final take

I know, I cannot change what others know or believe but I also cannot change what Tantra says. I tried to put forward my views with the grace of Lord Shiva. The whole purpose of this discussion was to know the real Tantric sex and its magical nature. I think all these superior mechanisms of Tantric sex makes it one of the most mysterious and complex processes for human beings to learn.


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